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Scheduling manager

Scheduling employees is a common challenge for many organizations. Wavelength's Scheduling Manager is a powerful module that changes the scheduling game, empowering users to input availability and manage shifts, providing you with all the information you require to build accurate and effective schedules in a matter of minutes.

Employee Availability Self-Service

Schedule Rules, Shift Duties and

Work Constraints

Define rules that control shift changes approvals, filter schedule information to employees, shift lengths, maximum hours per day, employee minimum pass criteria to work and much much more!

You can also create duties and attach them to shifts, users assigned to these shifts will then be able to see these and mark them as completed through the system.

You can define specific work constraints to ensure individual employees work up to a maximum number of hours and shifts, constraint them to availability and define if you are paying them based on scheduled or punch times.

Build Schedules, Save as
Templates and Auto-Fill Them!

Rapidly create schedules in multiple views, define positions for shifts, assign or consider employees, modify duties and rules, publish individual shifts and much more!

You can save schedules as templates and then copy them forward with shifts and even employees; building a schedule has never been easier!

Fill your schedules with our handy Auto-Fill tool, the system will automatically identify and assign employees to work shifts based on their availability, mandatory training, positions and levels!

Empower Users with Shift Management

Take advantage of the system self-service capabilities! Allow users to take part in the shift management functionality, allowing them to pick up, drop, swap, split and request shifts at anytime through the system!

You can define if changes are auto approved or if the manager has to accept these changes.

Users will remain as responsible for shifts until shift changes have been approved!

You can also define if users can see what colleagues are working on the same schedules. 

Users can punch through our integrated soft-punch clock against scheduled shifts.