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Our History

Akira Systems was founded in 2004 as a company that developed custom software solutions for businesses. In 2010, we created a communications module for distributed workforces, a great and powerful piece of software that later became the base to develop our integrated HCM (Human Capital Management) platform that is Wavelength. We have been growing at a constant pace, providing Wavelength as a great solution for businesses all over the world, and helping them improve how they approach their workforce. 

Akira Systems and Wavelength were acquired in October 2014 by SCYTL, the worldwide leader in Electronic Voting. In February of 2015, Akira Systems rebranded to Wavelength. This was done as a purpose to be easily understood and also as a determination to present the best fitting Workforce Manager Software for Wavelength’s clients.

Wavelength launched  2010

Our platform rocks... Just ask our clients

We help organizations communicate daily

We help thousands of applicants get the right job

Our motivation

Our motivation is simple...

Empower people to focus on what matters!

  • Enterprise Social Collaboration 

  • Self-service options

  • Align your workforce with company goals 

  • Work anywhere, anytime, through any device

Never too young or old to learn.
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