Enterprise Social Collaboration

Enterprise social collaboration (ESC)

Enterprise Social Collaboration (ESC) is a term that Aberdeen Group* uses to describe the technologies, processes, and services used to boost collaboration in the workplace. “ESC typically uses social media and next-generation communications technologies (integrated voice, mobile, video, instant messaging/chat and presence) to promote teamwork and the sharing of ideas and knowledge specifically to improve business outcomes.” *

Communications is the essence of Enterprise Social Collaboration. Wavelength was built with a focus on improving employee communications within all types of organizations. Wavelength is the first Human Capital Management (HCM) platform to fully integrate ESC together with HRIS and WFM.

* ESC Aberdeen Definition 


Announcements allow you to communicate important messages to departments or the entire organization, with the extension of Interruption announcements information gets to the employees quick and easy during any current user session or the next log in. 

Meeting / Training Events

Wavelength’s Meeting Manager allows you to create, edit, and review meetings. Custom rules allow you to define attendee restrictions such as groups invited and the maximum number of participants. The Meeting Manager also tracks the invitees that have accepted the meeting.

Policy Manager

The Policy Manager is a powerful module that allows you to organize your current policies or create new ones. Wavelength distributes these policies across your organization and tracks employee acknowledgement.

Task Management

The task module reminds employees of assigned work and due dates. The system provides flexibility by offering different task types including individual, group, or those requiring approval.


Wavelength’s built-in email service ensures secure communication. It also provides information on activities happening across the organization to enhance collaboration.


Access anywhere, anytime. 
Wavelength can be accessed from any device.

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