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Industry Needs

“Our Workforce is growing, what should we do to avoid an increase of the associated costs of managing it?” This is a common question that executives ask in small and medium size companies. There are several costs associated to the HR processes when the workforce starts rapidly growing such as additional working hours, hiring, payroll, communicating, comparing datasheets and large amounts of paper.   Canada Steel decided to evaluate different solutions in the market that could effectively meet their needs. They focus mainly on WFM (Work Force Management) solutions with payroll integration, time tracking and communication enhancements.

The Wavelength Solution

Canada Steel first recognized the need for Wavelength as a complete solution for all their needs. Additionally, the product would increase productivity due to complete integration within the workforce database, attendance management, and payroll. Due to these features Wavelength was the solution of choice.  

Wavelength timesheets have played a major role to accurately track the hours worked by Canada Steel’s employees. This allows for a complete integration with the payroll module, making it cost and time effective, reducing associated costs and allowing direct deposits which employees can easily check online.  

Canada Steel is a general line and specialty steel service center that is located in four cities across Southwestern Ontario, Canada. This company has focused on fostering and developing strong relationships with their customers. With ISO 9001:2008 certifications, the company’s unique solution for sourcing steel continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.

Canada Steel Service Center Inc.

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Annealed Vision:
“Our key to success is strong relationships with our customers. Our customer service is second to none”